“Service to others is the payment you make for your space here on earth.” -Mohammed Ali

Volunteers are an essential component to fulfilling Nottingham Village’s mission to provide the best quality care possible.

VolunteersA volunteer is a person who cares about the feelings and quality of life of others. A volunteer lends support to staff and residents with a heart-warming smile and unselfishly goes the extra mile. A volunteer is always ready to serve in so many ways, meeting the needs of residents in order to make their life a little easier and more fulfilling.

You may be asking yourself, “Why volunteer?”
Volunteering at a nursing home has many advantages, not only for the residents, but for the nursing home and the volunteers themselves. The residents receive that much wanted one-on-one attention as volunteers visit with them and do different activities. The Nursing and Retirement Centers also benefit by gaining what may seem like an extra staff member, and the volunteer is rewarded by the smiles on their new found friend’s faces.

How do I become a volunteer at Nottingham Village?
It’s easy to become a volunteer at Nottingham Village. Simply download the Volunteer Application and mail the completed form to Andrea Newbury, Director of Activities and Volunteer Services, 58 Neitz Rd. Northumberland, PA 17857.

To volunteer at Nottingham Village you must be 11 years of age. There is always a need for volunteers. For more information on how you can help to make our mission a reality in the lives of even more people, please see the list of volunteer opportunities below or contact Andrea Newbury via email today or telephone at 570.473.2362.